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Dropping the Pen
The Record of Finally Getting it Done
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30th-Dec-2004 09:48 am - movie wrapped; post production begun

Okay, so the shoot is completed.  A little more than a month ago, kristenlanders and I were having but a simple conversation at the closest Olive Garden.  A 'lets really do it this time' conversation.  So we learned from our earlier mistakes.  Kept the cast and crew small, and kept the budget even smaller.  The screenplay was short and to the point.

Our crew consisted of the following:

Mark Deaton was the Assistant Director (along with Technical Advisor, assistant DP and Gaffer) Kristen Landers (in red) was the main character, Co-Director, storyboarder and she's the one that came up with the story and the poem the story is based on.  I, Rebecca Deaton (that would be the chunky girl in purple), get credit as Co-Director, DP (Director of Photography) and the screenwriter who did the adaptation.  Our original DP was too busy with work (you know, the stuff that actually pays ;)) to attend the filming, so I did my best.  I'm also going to be doing the editing.

Lance Carl was in the film as well, opposite Kristen.

All together the atmosphere was bright and determined.  We wrapped early both days because of each individual's love and desire to make movies.  We all had a good time, but maintained focus.  I can't wait to edit this puppy and get it out there!!

17th-Dec-2004 08:25 pm - new film in progress
Okay, so new film in the making. Can't say much, really, but the rough draft of the screenplay is already finished. It's a mindboggling mix of a shooting script/reading script, but it's at least somewhat cohesive.

We have the momentarily North-Carolina bound technical adviser/assistant director and his notes. He's begun the storyboarding, as have I. He'll be down for the shoot which is in a matter of days.

We've got the DP who seems to be focusing on the editing process and the legalities, which is nice. Someone has to, I suppose.

We've got the location and got the place on film today. We're going Mini-DV (of course) which is the only thing that we can afford and is the only thing with the kind of clarity and integrity we want. If that makes sense.

Anyway, we've got the script to complete, the rest of the crew to assemble and the legalities to finish writing and wrapping up.

3rd-Nov-2004 06:17 pm - at work doing... well, work
I am proud of my country. I believe out of the two we've got the right man for the job. There are things of which I vehemently disagree with him on, but when I put everything in two hands (Kerry & Bush) I find that I can live with and be reasonably proud of my current president while Kerry does frighten me a little. And not in a good way either.

So I am proud of my country and my stances and my president. I feel safe with the next four years. Not uncertain and wary and worried and disgusted which I would have felt had Kerry won the election.

A note to my wonderful Tiblet: I am not a Republican - no way, Jose. I am a slightly left conservative, an almost liberal conservative if you will. I have views that clash horribly with both parties and therefore I choose not to affiliate with either. I am homeless, ;)

And I agree, *neither* candidate is PRO-gay/lesbian. Kerry is just not necessarily anti-gay.

Yes, I despise Bush for his stance on religion and a person's sexuality (which is completely his/her fucking business, not the states' not the presidents) but I feel I agree more with him than with Kerry.

Things evolve and will get better. Maybe we'll eventually get a president that is genuine and an incredibly qualified person, someone the whole country can be proud of, but you know what they say: "the only ones worthy don't want the job."

Let's hope for a truly amazing candidate next election year!!
save me
Good lord. My younger brother is 6 years old and he's already writing his 3rd book. It's little kid material, not social commentary on the inequities of human nature. But still. He's turning seven and he'll be able to say he's written 3 books.

He'll have something published by 12. Watch. He makes me feel inadequate, but I am so proud of him.

save me
I am looking into production options for my latest screenplay. I have found a few things that are reather... *interesting*. My boss is interested in anything I do, and I think I am going to find *a lot* of good actors for free.

Plus I can include that weird opera outside scene I have always wanted, ever since I saw 'Crossing Delancy'. The one enhanced by 'Mullholand Drive'. But mine is really nothing like that. I just got excited when I saw it; it's a great scene.

I am planning on finishing this screenplay before I show it around to anyone. Getting rather superstitious about things.

Have been looking at cameras too. *guilty grin* Not that I really have the money right now. Lol.

I *DO* have the money to build a couple camera stands and an 'in-car' steady cam. I just need to get off my lazy ass on a Monday or Friday and have Frank help me over at his parents house.

At least then I can be shooting *something*.

More later.
real life
I had to have had the weirdest day in... well, not too long. I had some weird days with that Hurricane around. But it was a weird, moody, emotional day.

But my house is clean ;)

So I read the script for The Man in the Backyard and it looks fantastic.

Eli is a great writer. He's got originality and talent and respect for time pieces that shines through his words. He's also seems, thanks to that respect, to have hit his time piece right on.

I've been told he's an even better director, so I am anxious to see another short by him and and also to see him in action.

I feel I have the world to learn and very few places to start at the moment. I want to just get my name out there as far as my scripts, start acting, lose the weight I've put on since dating Frank (lol, not that I'm *blaming him at all *coughyesiamcough*) and and maybe get a job doing something related to film because - as much fun as current job is - i am going no where with this receptionist gig.
8th-Oct-2004 08:00 am - Ok, so we begin...
real life

I am fully aware of the world and time at this moment.  All the more reason to get up, finish cleaning, take my shower and finish the list of things that scare me so that I can start the plot.

Kris is coming to read over her new script today (for the short with Eli) and I have some images to show her.  More...Collapse )

I want her to pay $5 for an upraded, PAID account on LJ.  Not so that SHE can do anything -


I would NEVER expect that.  But so that I can artsy-fartsy up her LJ.  Make it more reflect her semi-princessie/bittersweet/tragic personality.

So I need to go.  But before I do, I'll post one of the images:

7th-Oct-2004 06:13 am - returning from the dead & damned
real life

While I am not giving up on "A Girl Like That" and it's future filming, I am looking at things with unbiased eyes.  Being completely objective, I can say I did probably downright everything wrong to start this project and have it finished on time.

But, hey, at least I fucking did it, right?  Better than just dreaming on someday.  You learn from you mistakes and go from there.

So "AGLT" is temporarily shelved and I swear, I cannot thank Estefania Crespo enough.  She was sweet and upbeat and always ready to do something.  Everytime something was postponed she was fine with it.  She's great and I hope to have a place for her once this friggin' company finds its feet.

So I am looking to shoot "Kill... Must Kill."  It's a comedy about a writer and an actress, both involved in indy films together.  I need to go into another phase of rewriting, but Kris and I can shoot that in one, two days with our DP (who is currently injured, poor thing) if she's none too busy.  Without her, I can take care of the rest of the work and have found a place to rent a camera for *cheapcheap*, but the film is in question. 

But, bah!  That is down the road a little and I will cover all other bases first.

Kris has told me that shooting the new film with Eli will take place NEXT WEEK instead of the 18th and such.  I had just worked up the proposal that would have gotten me extra hours BEFORE HAND and then I could have taken off.  But I can't help them with the new schedule.  I know they will find capable, passionate folks; this is a good state too look.  But here I was looking forward to being on the set again. 

Oh, well.  I will live.  Right now i have a script to write for Kris.  A completely psychotic short and I can only hope I am up to the challenge to give her enough creepy shit to do.  Two things I will not write in because I fear she would have me shot: a) nudity & b) graphic sex scenes.

2nd-Aug-2004 08:55 am - Born to Run
real life
Oh, man.

A cool red rose and a pink cut pink, a collapse and a sold hole, a little less hot.

Tender Buttons Gertrude Stein. What an idiot. Although, I do so love to hate that shit.

Anyway, I took my driver's license test and failed again. I hit the curb. Lol. Here's how it went:

"What disqualified you today?"

Faked surprised look. "The curb?" I had already figured out the damn curb disqualified me because he didn't take me to the long, thin road reserved for K-Point turns. The place I disqualified myself the FIRST time.


"You're kidding me." He wasn't but God was sure having fun with fucking around with my life.

"Nope." He held up his clipboard and showed me the disqualification.

I laughed. More out of exasperation then finding anything truly humorous. Of course I hadn't been waiting for four and a half hours with my well-meaning boyfriend whose bitching NEVER CEASED. So I was in better spirits.

He took me in, I owed $10 because I failed a second time, and he was great. Funny and nice. I think it was a nice change that I wasn't a complete bitch about failing. And I didn't really think it was that bad. I mean I failed once and found out it wasn't the end of the world. I have been very lucky with the guys I have taken the test with. They have been nice.

Hmmm... I am thinking of starting a book or movie with that line. "What disqualified you today?" Lol.

Anyway I was out within an hour. I scheduled my next appointment with them for 7/16/04 at 7:45 in the morning. I thought I was going to be there all day. And that's why I am not filming. Because I am a fool. I thought I wouldn't have the time. And then I called Alice to see if he wanted to hang, but he said he had to sleep. Something about getting to bed at 3 AM.

Well, this gives me a lot of time to write.

Have to take the dog out.
25th-Jul-2004 08:25 am - Synopsis, schmopsis
real life
I need to start updating this more often.

Okay, anywho. We had rehearsals and they went well. I thought the actors I had looked promising. So that night Kris and I shot her scenes and blech. The lighting was a killer. Just horrible.

Then I had to postpone Friday's shoot for a myriad of reasons.

Then the next Friday rolled around and we had our Sound Technician (Kenia) and she was even willing to work with my dinky little camera, but my Det. Berg never showed up. NEVER even CALLED. That was what really ticked me off. I can understand in his situation (holding auditions of his own) not being able to make it, but COME ON! 30 seconds. Dial, apologize, say goodbye! That way my poor actress (who had to go to WORK later and still came up from Miami) wouldn't have had to come. Grrr...

Anyway, Kenia is now not only the sound technician but also the DP. She is storyboarding the scenes we are going to shoot Monday (which are going to be the kitchen scenes) and I can't wait to see what she's got down! She seems to have a great sense of style.

So, now we have the shoot scheduled for Monday at 3:30ish. I should have time to get my actors together to practice. Then we shoot. We have a few hours, maybe we can get it all done :D!!

Wishful thinking, I know.

I also need pictures of Kristen with Estefania as if they were best friends and every thing.
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